Newbie Question: Repairing Copper Lines on AC Unit

The copper lines were cut off (stolen). The AC unit looks new and in good shape. I’m curious to know if we can just get new copper lines installed for the unit OR do we have to replace the whole AC unit. If we can replace the copper lines, how much does it cost? Thanks


You can replace the copper lines. cost usually runs about $250 in my area because the copper is so expensive.

they took the copper but not the AC unit??..They must have been in a hurry

thanks guys. they’re must be either really dumb or in a hurry. lol.

Just a little inside news. My brothers a HVAC guy and says the AC companys are going to another new refrigerant. So new AC units will be going up again, ask your area service people. herbster

the thiefs steal the copper so that they can cash it in a recycling yard…less noticable than walking away with a whole AC unit. Appearantly they get good money for copper lines.

The new refrigerant isnt going to affect this repair, and the R-22 will be available for atleast 20 more years. The new units will of course be more expensive at first.