Newbie Question - Copies of Paperwork

Hi. Do you typically give the sellers a copy of the paperwork you complete with them (i.e. Purchase/Sale, disclosures, etc) or do you fill out two identical versions of each form and have them sign each version?


I give them copies.


You provide them copies of every document used in that transaction. That included receipts or other documents that are not even prepared by you (i.e. escrow paperworks). The main thing you need to be concerned is get every line or blocks in the contract filled in properly. If it’s not applicable to you or the seller, put N/A.

It won’t hurt to put an escape clause also to protect your side in the event you want to bail out of the deal.

Something else might also be useful:

Always enter something in every blank, box or area. If nothing else, draw a line through it, from end of blank, to end of blank and write over it NA.

This prevents any unauthorized additions, or subtractions.

(But it does make for a messy form.) ;D