Newbie question about using notaries

From getting several courses and reviewing the docs. I understand that first I will need to get the authroization letter then the contact, same time preferably. The contracts seem to need a notary public. Do I take the homeowner to a local place, like Kinkos or some baank during the daytime . thanks for any information

Hi steve ,

In my area they don’t require a notary for a contract or authorization. When it comes to getting the deed they require a notary before I can record at court house.
A local bank should have a notary.

If possible always try to get you doc notarized. I use my insurance agent . Get it notarized when the contract and/or deed is signed to protect your deal and keep it legal. You can’t record it if its not notarized.

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Mobile notaries. People that can come to you upon request. They are the best to use when banks and post offices are closed.

Hiya Tony:

Got a ? for you. Do you notorize all of your contracts? In Alabama, you don’t have to have the contract notorized.

I read somewhere that anyone can be a notary. I think you have to contact your state’s secretary of the treasure? Not sure.

Notary laws vary from state to state. In Virginia, you have to read a short book/pamphlet, have a quickie background check, take an oath and pay your fee, and…ta daaaaa! You’re a Notary.

Heck, they even let my ex-wife be a notary…


hmm, something to think about. That begs the question, so what happens if i decide to become a notry? Is it going to be a problem if I notarize my own stuff!!! just thinking out loud

I believe you arent allowed to notorize anything that you have an interest to gain in. So notorizing your own stuff is probly out.

That would be correct. Notarizing material that you have an interest in is verboten


verboten~ I like that :wink:

oh, please, feel free to use it…I got it from my grandfather and Sgt Schultz!

Until he was 14, my father thought that his name was Macht Schnell 'cause that’s all my grandfather ever called him…


thanks for the info, guess i wont add that to my list then,