Newbie needs lots of help!

Hi, to all of you.

My name is Victor , im really new to the whole bird dog thing and the REI in general, but i want to learn and start bird dogging, i basically no nothing and have a few question: ???

1- i have heard alot about the this and that being illegal , is BD illiegal in NYC?

2- What kind of properties should i search for? and what info should i get from it , to give to the inverstor .

3- Where can i find investor williing to work with me?

4- And does age matter? can any1 even underage birdog?

Thanks for anticipeated , im new and any help would be apreciated.

Hello Victor,
Birdogging as I know it should not be illegal anywhere, but hey I am not an attorney.

First off congrats on starting as a bdog, its the wisest, not contracts not liabity that is right up my alley, you learn alot, then you can safely put houses under contract and assign. Bdog is how I started, and I have done 65 houses in 20 months, in a sellers market, which is not always easy. So smart move on your part.

the props to search for will depend on what your rehabbers want, ask them where they buy there most houses and tell them you will scout them out for them.

you can find investors willing to work with you buy looking in the newspaper at the webuyhouses ads, calling them up and weeding out the newbies from the seasoned investors, your new money men/woman.

yes age does not matter, my best bud who has 40 houses going at one time with a rehab crew of 25 full time employees started at 18, took him a few years then bam, he makes 700k this year. He is a volume player. Anyway just educate yourself then do it!. I Swear by steve cooks “wholesaling for quick cash” book, its about 200 bucks, but it will answer everyquestion you have, it taught me how to do those 65 houses, well that and his website. I cant brag on the book enough.

Meanwhile read all the free articles you can on flipping and birgodging or wholesaleing.

have fun,

here is the link on this site to steves book you can buy it right here! Also my buddy is now 26 years old, who started at 18.

have fun

I just printed some info on where to find investors at this post.;action=display;threadid=2397

hope it helps,
have fun