Newbie needing help

My husband and I are just starting out with investment properties. We don’t own any yet, but are continuously looking around. Our problem is that I just lost my job in the end of January and my husband works for himself and business is really slow right now. I am trying to get another full time job, but we don’t want to put off investing in real estate. Does anyone have any ideas of where I can find a private lender to help us out? We don’t have any extra $$ to put down on a house or to pay anything, any ideas? :help:

This is our dream and we really don’t want to give it up and we are determined to be successful at it…


If you already own property with equity (primary included) you may be able to use that equity as collateral on the property you are wanting to purchase.

Yes I agree with the previous post. If you have equity in your home I would use that to start with. Borrowing against your primary residence is the least expensive way to finance any other projects.

Thank for your advice guys! I never even really thought about that…like I said, I’m very new at this!! :wink:

There are lenders out there that will finance 100% on investment properties/residential/2-4 units. Of course your credit rating would have to be in the mid 600s.