newbie looking for investors/partners in so cal

Hi im a newbie in so cal looking for investors to fund my deals. i havent done any yet but looking to get this going since work has slowed down im looking to start this full time. i need investors that can move fast and can loan if the numbers are right also where credit score isnt a issue. Where should I look for these individuals?. im trying to build a team to go full steam. thanks :shocked

I suggest you get educated first before trying to find investors. Since you are a newbie you don’t have much of a track record. Investors might shy away from putting up the funds.

I suggest picking what your real estate investing strategy is going to be. You are doing a good thing by joining this forum and looking around. There are a lot of knowledgeable people here with good advice. I wish I had joined sooner!

Most people have said wholesaling and lease options are the way to go for an new investor. Make sure you get the knowledge and become educated on what are “good” deals. That way when you approach an investor they will have more confidence in you.

I also suggest networking and meeting others involved in real estate. If you choose to go the wholesaling route you will have to find a way to generate interested buyers and motivated sellers. This is a good way to also find investors.