Newbie looking for advice


I’ve been lurking on this website for somethime. Awesome site. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. I’ve been reading, studying any and all materials I can get my hand on. I am ready to jump off the fence and into REI.

I want to start wholesaling in my area. My questions are…

Do I need to create an LL or a Corp?

Should I get an 800 number for marketing purposes.

Thank you advance for any and all replies.

You will need none to get started. Get yourself/hand durty first.

Try out several marketing protocols and find out which one works for you. You may want to subscribe to foreclosure list to give you leads.

Get yourself a Realtor who can assist you on CMA reports and general RE questions.

Once you do one or more you can think about LLC or Corp. I like LLC with RE stuff.

Good luck.

There are loads of forums and free advice on marketing for your Real Estate Investing Business. Do a google search. I like Michael Hobach for SS information since a lot of the information works. His marketing techniques involve a newsletter, post cards and an 1800 number to eliminate the tire kickers. Do a google search You will be amazed at the Free information available for your endeavors.

Good Luck to you