Newbie looking for advice on finding homes

I am interested in flipping houses in Delaware but I have been having trouble finding any good leads. I have been driving around and noticed that all the homes are either sold or selling at the top market price for the area. Is it best to put an ad in the local paper, hook up with a real estate agent ( I am scheduled to take the class beginning in September), or just keep driving around. I had checked and did not see an Rei club in the area. If anyone is from Delaware or anywhere for that matter that can offer suggestions I would appreciate it since I am trying to get started right away. Also is it best to incorporate. Thanks for your help. Debster ???

that link didn’t work? What is the superhomes about?

If you would spend a half hour or so each day reading the posts in this forum and the others you would get a good education in how to do what you are asking. The answers are all here, given by successful investors who use them daily and they are free. REI takes time and part of that time is spent in learning. Do it the easy way by reading and studying or you can do it the hard way by making mistakes. It won’t be handed to you on a platter and hand fed you. Spend the time and you will come out OK.