Newbie Looking for Advertising Suggestions

I am trying to put together a newspaper ad that is not too wordy but will capture the attention of landlords and property owners who are motivated sellers, so that I may purchase their properties. Cold calls from the rental houses ads in the newspaper haven’t been too successful.

A couple of ideas I’m toying with are:

Tired of being a landlord or property owner?
I’ll buy your property from you!
Call xxx-xxxx

Want to unload your property?
Call House Hunters

I’m sure there a lot of experienced real estate investors on this forum who have made up successful ads. Please help!

Thank you,

House Hunters

House Hunters,

Glad to meet you.

With a little copy added this might work as a postcard or ad for Landlords.

John $Cash$ Locke

The only way you can know the success rate of them is to split test them. Send one of those ads to half of your prospects and the other ad to the other half. Then just add something to them like a referral code and when people call you, ask for the referral code and mark how many leads you get from each code.

In general, since markets are so different in each location, the best way to try things is to just test them.

Just an idea, but you may want to throw in a line indicating that you can even buy the house and finish the eviction process or handle the eviction entirely. Obviously you want to calculate this into the formula when you make your offer, but we have gotten some great deals from landlords who do not want to hassle with the eviction process.