Newbie looking for a " renting rooms to the disabled course "

Hi everyone I need some help. A few months back I was listening to course to buy on how to get in
With agency’s which help the disabled find a place to rent. In this couse he was going show you how rent your rooms and get paid by programs the helps the disabled with housing costs and if your house needed to be modified, these agencies pay for it. Does this course sound familiar to anyone???
I wanted to buy the program but I didn’t have the money to buy it then. Now that do I can’t find that course on the internet anywhere??? :banghead

Contact the Housing Authority office, and they’ll tell you what is required to receive financial assistance in providing ADA compliant housing for the disabled.

You’re not likely to need a ‘course’ on this, as the Housing Authority have all the information you’ll need. It’s basically the same information and regulations that cover care of the elderly (Board and Care facilities, etc.).

BTW, here’s a sample of possible compliance items:

  • Wheelchair ramps wherever there is an elevation change at porches,thresholds, entry, etc.
  • Fire suppression/alarms
  • All doors 36" wide.
  • Handholds available at the toilet, the shower, and elsewhere depending.
  • Water heater temperature reduced to “warm” (If you rent to the elderly).

Hope that helps.

Otherwise, I have a course coming called “Handicap Your Way To Riches.” It’s all you need to know about milking other’s situations for cash. Of course, I’m kidding.

Thank you so much for the info! I would be interested in your course, please let me know when it’s available.
Thanks again!