Newbie/landlording software

I have aquired my first rental property… I just wondering if there is any software that will help you organize all my deductible expenses for tax time… I will be going in and doing a little work … What can I deduct on my taxes etc… etc… just a newbie wantin to deduct everything i can and stay organized… any ideas???

Why do you need software to organize your expenses/deductions? Can’t you just keep a copy of the reciepts along with the originals? I can’t imagine there being a ton of paperwork that you you couldn’t keep it in a file. But the Carleton Sheets course has a nice “toolkit” CD that you can download to your PC. The software organizes all the data on your properties. It also has all the forms that you’ll be using for deals. You can edit & print them out for each offer/property. Ebay has the course cheap.

Try Quickbooks.


I just use Excel. One column for every penny going out. One column for money coming in. And a third to track my mileage driven.

I started with Mike Butler’s Tenant Tracker add-on for quick books.