Newbie Investor and I Made $3,000 each on a Property we Never Seen.

A few months ago a girl name Shaunte contacted me. She was asking for my help. It seems she read a few of my posts on this site. And for some crazy reason she thought I was legit. I sent her a few books on Wholesaling & I instructed her to run multiple ads on Craig’s List stating, “I Buy Houses”
We had numerous email exchanges and soon she gives me this address and some photos of a dilapidated house in Salisbury Maryland. Now get this, I’m over here in Central California.
The numbers looked really good, another Wholesaler had it on contract for $12,000, it was in a nice neighborhood and I estimated the ARV wud be well over 100K.
We started advertising it for 32K and then 26K, we got quite a few calls, but this house was really chewed up, a bad roof and some serious rains had destroyed the interior.
After more than a month of running ads on Craig’s List in different nearby cities we finally got a solid offer for $18,000
I helped Shaunte with the contracts and Assignments. Our buyer was in a hurry to close but the seller didn’t have email and that slowed us down.
Well, we just got paid. Shaunte and I received our checks for $3,000 each. The seller received $6,000 the Wholesaler received $6,000 and we split $6,000
Shaunte was excited, she told me this was her first deal and she really needed the money.
It was really exciting for me to be able to wholesale a junk house from $3,000 miles away and help a newbie Investor.
I admire Shaunte for asking for help, I was always so bull headed I had to do everything myself.
And that’s the slow hard way.
Let’s make some Money…