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Hello - Being new to the investing scene, I have a number of questions…mainly, where to start. I’d like to get into equity sharing where I would help someone get into a property for a share of the equity and write-off. How can I do this? Where can I find a sample agreement? There is so much info out there to the point of being overwhelmed - so much good info, especially on this site. With literally thousands of books, audio, video, software programs and websites available, which are the good ones and which are the ones to avoid? Living in Southern California, I have substantial equity in my house along with good credit scores (I recently joined and found my scores at all three reporting bureaus are above 750). All info would be greatly appreciated.
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Start out by getting educated on REI. Read everything you can get your hands on. Personally, I’d recommend starting with the Carleton Sheets Course, but others may have different preferrences. The key is to get all the education you can.

Definitely join your local REIA - this is extremely important. They can tell you about your local market and local issues.

When you’ve gotten the education, you’ll know better how to proceed.

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Maybe someone should write a thread called “Newbie FAQ” that a moderator can pin, which will answer the 100+ questions all newbies seem to ask. No kidding. I think this would help both newbies and the board as whole. :slight_smile:

As a Newbie I would agree on the FAQ. Since there is no real searchable way of finding answers I would guess that most Newbies post a question that may have been thoroughly answered less then a week prior. ;D

Thanks for all the info, I’ll take your advice to try and learn as much as possible, although I’ve heard many good and bad things about Carlton Sheets. I found two good web sites while surfing the web - Marilyn Sullivan & Both sound like good places to start.

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