newbie in need of Research help

Hi this is my first post here. I am new and want to start wholesaling in my area and I am doing my research.

  1. I have talked to five Realtor in my area and only got one of them to send me some info. Do you guys work with only one Realtor?
  2. if you do not use a Realtor how do you get your research info.
  3. This is what I asked for and got but am I missing anything.
    I got a list of single family homes in each area for the
    High Price.
    Low price.
    Average days on market.
    Average sold price.
    Map of area,that Realtor use
    I even asked for all the cash buyers for the last three months for each area,but he told me he does not know how to pull that info.
    Thanks for your feed back.

To find the good buyers in a mapped area, just pull the public records and see who’s name comes up 3+ times in the last 3-6 months. Those are usually good buyers

WeSellHomes2Fix, Could you please refine the process of finding cash buyers in a mapped area. I never known this. Happy Labor Day…

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