Newbie in Need of Advise . . .

I’m selling rental property ARV 110k-130K. Asking price is 81K – I have an offer for my asking price but the conditions are unusual to me. Here’s the condition:

We agree to pay your full asking price of 81000. We ask only that you keep the existing financing in place and carry some, or all, of your equity. In consideration for leaving your equity in place, at the end of our agreement we will repay 100% of any existing equity PLUS a certain percentage of the property’s future appreciation (please see details below).

Our intent is to legally assume 100% responsibility for the current mortgage obligation, along with all maintenance and management of the property including covering all the costs of property tax and insurance.

If you accept this offer, there is no title transfer to us until we pay off your equity and the existing mortgage. We will pay to have the property held for you, in your name, in a title holding land trust (which is exactly the way the Disney Company holds all of its real estate). We do that so there is no need to transfer ownership of any kind. Also, it allows us to be able to take the tax deductions along the way and eventually refinance and buy the property with a new loan in a couple years.

Please give me some pros and cons to this type of sell.

Thank you!!

This is a standard NARS land trust offer. The trust is by far the safest way to proceed as the property will be in a trust in your name and you will not transfer title until your existing mortgage and equity are paid in full. This is the ONLY way I buy or sell properties. You can check out my website for details.

I would just make certain that the person making you the offer is a NARS Network member who knows what he/she is doing.

Feel free to phone me if you want to ask specific questions. Good luck.