Newbie in Missouri needs help....Please:)

Okay, I’ve been doing my research the last few weeks on Missouri delinquent tax sales & think I have an understanding on most of the Missouri statue, but I am known to easily overlook important things at times!

I know that MO is a tax lien state meaning that I’m just lending the state/property owner the money for his past due taxes & putting a lien on his property so if he chooses to pay-up I get reimbursed though truthfully I’m praying for the 12 mth redemption period to be over with no pay-up so I can own the property for hunting! :cool Correct me if I’m wrong—

IF & ASSUMING I’m the winning bidder & I follow through with the pre-90 day requirements…title search, mailing requirements to owner, etc… & the property owner fails to redeem in the 12 mth period, what steps are needed to get the deed in my name as the quote “purchaser is authorized to acquire the deed” doesn’t clarify it enough for me or is it just given to me that easily? (see “” below) Also, where would I find an affidavit without going through an attorney? (Info: free & clear piece of property that was TOD to son upon original owners death in 2010-abandoned)

…“the purchaser notifies the collector by affidavit that all the ninety days’ notice requirements of this section have been met, the purchaser is authorized to acquire the deed, provided that a collector’s deed shall not be acquired before the expiration date of the redemption period as provided in section 140.340”

Thank you so much in advance for any help that is offered & also big thanks to all contribute to such an educational website!! :crossfingers