Newbie in Chicago

Hi all,
I am new to real estate investing and just getting started. I’m wondering if there are any investors in the Chicago area that I can contact locally to bounce ideas off of, send possible deals, etc. I appreciate the input.

post an ad in your local paper

“I have foreclosed Properitys for sale! call 123-456-7899”

also post on craigslist

Lakeview area here.
Newer here, have done a few deals and been doing it part time for a few years.

Lakeview here as well, maybe we should talk as well.

As to finding investors locally, you absolutely have to check out the WCRT at

Also try some of the other local clubs that you can find posted right on this site by following the link to the left for Real Estate Clubs!

Hey Maggie
I live in lakeview also, (wow theres alot of us here.) We should all perhaps meet at a starbucks (roscoe *broadway) and exchange ideas/ give pointers. I do rehabs full time and are in clubs.

Its all about networking…