Newbie in Charleston SC area

Hello Everyone!

I’m new to real estate investing and just wanted to introduce myself and thank all the seasoned investors for the advice they give in the forum! The internet is a wonderful thing isn’t?

So like I said I’m new, brand new, to the world of real estate investing. After a considerable amount of research I’ve decided to begin with wholesale flips, at least for the first year, so I can learn the business and build up capital for future investing. I’ve decided to bird-dog for the first month and hope to find a seasoned investor who will serve as my mentor in exchange for me giving him/her the first two deals that result in a close free of charge. If anyone is from the Charleston, I would love to hear from you!

wishing you all good luck and good deals!


Hi Katie I am an active investor here in S. C. I just assigned a contract in West Ashley a few months back and currently have a contract on a real nice retail home in Ivy Hall down at Mount Pleasant.


I’m a new investor in the Hilton Head Island/Bluffton area of SC. Do you attend any REIA meetings in the area?

I’m a licensed agent in the state of SC, just applied for an LLC for my RE investment company, and would like to network with as many SC investors as possible.

I’ve attended RichDad seminars all over the SouthEast and would love to hear from others.