Newbie in california

I’m new to wholesale and I’m having trouble in finding a good contract to use in california.i have done some research and found out you can use the california purchase agreement don’t if that’s true. Any help would be great thank you

Hey Newbe, I’m also new to wholesaling, been doing it less than 2 years now. I stumbled into it when I was marketing a lease option and an investor offered to buy my contract for a fast $2500. Anyway, I got my contract out of a book called “Real Estate Profits on Steroids” by Jackie Lange. It’s a very simple 2 page agreement. If you contact me I will email u a copy, but I recommend you read the book. I’m in central California and the contract has worked perfectly. I tweaked it a little.

Hi I’m Dean and also a newbie from Cali. Where are you in Cali located?