newbie ? How effective are the We Buy Houses..

How effective are the “We buy houses” ads that people place in the newspaper?
Every week I see about 10 of them in there and they all say the same thing…“We buy houses, fast closings, any condition etc…” and their all right in a row. Nothing seperates them appart from each other.
I’m wondering what type of response rate people normally get from these ads?
It seems to me that the people that are most likely to look at these ads or respond to them are people that are looking to sell…aka FSBO’s…and other investors looking to wholesale…not people in forclosure,which is who I’m looking to cater to.
Wouldn’t it be more effective to place an ad that says something like “STOP FORCLOSURE, SAVE YOUR CREDIT” OR “STOP FORCLOSURE, KEEP YOUR HOME”…These seem to be more targeted to specifically who I would be looking to get a response from…

any feedback I could get is appreciated. I’m new to this and have been looking for a house to buy for about a month now and have actually located a few that where pre forclosure w/ lots of equity in decent shape, but I didnt get a response from the letters I sent. I’ve not done a mass mailing to all the lis pendens yet. I’m only sending letters to those who have lots of equity in good parts of town…so that kinda narrows it down a good bit.

thanks for the help!

I did not get many calls from the bandit signs (I only hung about 50) but I have gotten calls from my newspaper ad. I have not closed anything yet becasue of the ad but I am sure it will come. The only problem with the newspaper is that it really is a little expensive.
I think we are going to need a mix of newspaper, bandit signs, post cards to a “farm area” and creative letters.

So, how come bars stock all those beers on TAP? All there side by side, but they are all beer? Why not just have Miller? Why Bud, Guinness, Miller Lite, Sam Adams, etc?

The point is, if the people are looking at those ads, they are sellers. You have them in the bar, just need to find a beer to suit their needs. They will make calls to several of those ads, and will find someone they feel comfortable with.

Think about an AUTO MALL. Why put all those car dealers in one place? Well because they are there to buy cars. You know if a person went to the auto mall, they are buyers.

The Ads work. Just set your self apart from the others.

Need more examples… just ask, I have tons of them.

I see your point…makes sence.

I would like to see an example of an Ad if you have one.
Mostly what I see is “we buy houses”…and thats it.
I’ll see 10 ads w/ “Exactly” the same verbage. To set me ad apart I think
I would need to put in some different wording…Do you have an example of an
ad that you’ve had success w/?



What will set you apart is your service to the customer. Most of those “we buy houses” ads are listed by people who want/do one or more of the following:

They don’t answer the phone. Voicemail is a killer, especially if there are 5-10 other similiar ads. RE agents that actually answer their phones, or at least quickly respond to a voicemail (and by quickly, I mean within 10 minutes), get the customer 90% of the time? Why, because the customer usually goes with the first person that they speak with, and the other RE agents usually don’t call back anyway. Same holds true for RE investors.

They are new and don’t know how to close the deal and/or don’t know what type of deal that they want, so they do nothing.

They only want a specific criteria for a deal and therefore pass on anything that doesn’t fit into that criteria (Don’t do this. If you only want one type of deal, then find other investors that want something else, and birddog them out. Be a problem-solver).

They don’t present themselves well or they simply don’t know how to talk with people. You can know everything about RE, but if you can’t talk to people on their level, and if the customer doesn’t like you, they won’t sell to you.

All that said, you can still change your ad to work for you. The problem with the “we buy houses” ads is that it tells the people what you do, but it doesn’t tell them what you can do for THEM. People respond better to those that help them.

Example: “Sell Your House Fast! Can Close in as little as X days! We’ll help you Move! Call NOW!”
Example 2: “SOLD! We can buy your house TODAY! No Agents! No Showings! No B.S.! We’ll even supply the Moving Truck so you can get on with your life! Call NOW!”

Just two examples of something different besides “I buy houses”