Newbie here

I’m a newbie and have bought so many books on how to flip houses and etc. and I’m really motivated to do it but, honestly don’t know where to even start and suggestions?


Howdy Jewels:

Start by reading all the posts on this web site that have the word flip in the title. I myself have answered this question 20 something times in the past several years. The idea is to find a motivated seller and get the property under contract and then sell it to someone else.

Here is am example of a motivated seller. A friend just bought a pickup truck of vintage star wars stuff for $500. The seller had just moved to NY from Austin and had no way to carry it with him. He is selling the stuff on ebay and at swap meets and has already made $2500 plus has much more. This guy was motivated to sell. There are folks the same way with their home that need to sell as bad as that.

thanks, will do.

My advice to you is to find a seasoned investor who wants to split the profits with you 50/50. He puts up the money for the home and when it sells you give him half of the profit. Look at properties every day. You might get discouraged but keep looking and you’ll find the perfect deal!

Where can we find a good contract for flipping?


That doesn’t sound bad. Where would I find an investor in PA? (I know I ask too many questions, lol)
But thanks anyway.

Jewel, you may find a mentor at a local real estate investor’s club. Look on this site for one near you Go to the meeting, and there is always networking time.