Newbie here

Stumbled upon this board and it looks great. After spending half my life helping other people manage their investments, it’s time I took a more aggressive approach to re-building my own portfolio before it gets spent entirely on survival and our kids in college. I’m one of the minions called Independent Contractors who are on the constant hunt for paying contracts.

I tellya, it’s nice to work from home (IT, past few years) and be able to do what I need to in the wee hours of the morning. But, these days, it’s not generating the income I’m accustomed to. So, now I’m joining the newbies in REI. So great to find an online club here!

Am absorbing everything I can, reading these forums.

Tim - nice website @ :cool

Alysia :smile


Glad you joined us. Tim has done a great job putting up lots of great articles on the site.

Let the knowledge transfer begin. :thumbsup

It is a great group. Tim does a good job keeping unwanted popup etc off the system. I did not realize how important this is until I joined a few Yahoo groups this week. Everytime you want to read a post you have to look at their popup ads. Most of the posts are ads too. I hope you learn mucho and get some great leads. Soon we should be all smiling to the bank.


Glad to meet you.

Probably being the ancient one on this board, I will tell you I started serious real estate investing when I was 56 years young.

There is still hope for the older set when it comes to investing. I did not discover that these forums and boards existed until a very short time ago.

I think it is great that some of us who have been successful have a place to share our knowledge and experience with the new person. Tim, is one of the good guys and has provided us with a place to come and help others. I enjoy this board because of the relaxed atmosphere, no flaming threads :argue and this is something you would just a soon stay away from.

Welcome on board this board, :zzz ooops, sometimes I just fall asleep in the middle of a sentence, there is something else I am trying to remember, but the mind is the first thing to go, trying to remember what the second thing is :roll:.

John $Cash$ Locke

the REI Club has been benifical and informative to this 2 year old. What I find most interesting is the veteran topics. I have learned so much from them.

Hey Alysia,
Coming from a fellow IT person that is getting into REI, welcome… this is a little different from creating user accounts in AD or scheduling backups or analyzing WAN connections… :wink: But I will say, you can retire from this a whole lot sooner than you could creating printers on a domain controller…

Anyway, i hope to see more posts coming from my fellow techie… 8)