Newbie here; is this a deal?

Hi all, I have been reading this newsgroup for several months and learning a lot.
I have found a possible deal, and I want to get the opinions of those wiser than myself (i.e. everyone here).

FSBO, owner moved out of state and wants to sell 3 condos.
Asking: $100K for all three.
3/1.5 - rents for 725
2/1.5 - rents for 625
2/1.5 - rents for 625
Currrently occupied by 2 Section 8 tenants and 1 FEMA (hurricane evacuee).
I figure the following cash flow analysis:
Income: $1975
vacancy @5%: 100
management @8%: 160
insurance: 50/unit=150
taxes: 300
maintenance: 50/unit=150
P&I: 700 (assumed 100% financing at 7.5%)

NET: $415/month positive cash flow.

My newbie questions are: Am I missing anything? Have I left out any “gotchas”?
The biggest fear is, of course, some huge deferred maintenance cost cropping up. Three units and three tenants means it’s only a matter of time. But fears, real and imagined, have kept me from doing any deals so far.

Thanks in advance for your advice on this.

Do the tenats pay all of their own utilities?

How much is the condo fee per unit? What does the fee include?

Do the condo rules allow for all three to be used as rentals?

You undertstand that if the Condo board decides that a major project needs to be done, they can force a mandatory assessment (Read: $$$) to pay for it, right?