Newbie here has questions

Here is my problem, i have found houses that need to go NOW, ASAP, TODAY…here’ my scenario, i have found a house for 75k. It’s in good condition, doesn’t need any work to move in, it’s worth 90k, who do i find to get this house to and sell and make a few k’s?

My advice would be this. You can try to option the property. Then you may have some time to try to find an investor that wants it. But I think you need to line things up before you find deals. If you don’t want to purchase the house your self, you’ll need to find investors/buyers who have the ability to pull the trigger quickly. You’ll need to find out what the buyers want before you bring them deals.

Based on the numbers you provided this does not seem to be a very good deal. Your buying at 83% of value which does not leave you much room for margin of error. The 15K profit can get eaten up very quickly by closing costs and holding costs. Phlemboy is giving yopu good advice. Try to wholesale this property to an owner occupant because no seasoned investor is going to look at this property. There is just no money in it.

I agree with Christopher that the numbers are too tight to flip…but depending on the rental market it may make a good turn key rental…you might be able to squeeze out $500 from a landlord who is looking to purchase.