so the steps for contacting vacant/out-of-state owners (for instance) would be to contact them via a mailing, i.e. postcard or letter - professionally printed by one of the mailing Companies, i.e. ?

I just want to get started in this and would appreciate some feedback.

Thanks all.

There is no standard way of doing things, you can do whatever you like. Hand written letters will generate higher response than professionally done letters or post cards. The difference is that you don’t want to handwrite 500 of them, so you would end up using a post card or letter. Also, make sure to send them series of letters not just one.


Thank you for your valuable input. Do you know where I could get any examples of what to write, when approaching people off expired listings - for example? Also, what is the best cost-effective way of marketing, inlight of the fact that 500+ letters/postcards can be expensive.

Thank you in advance.

I use the letters that came with “fundimentals of Success” course @ The course contains 32 letters to send out to various prospects.

If you are tight on cash, you may want to start with an ad in the newspaper. my newspaper ad pulls most of my calls. I use letters for preforclosures and expireds to supplement my ads.

Thank your for your advise.