newbie help please!

Hey guys, I need help with a deal
customer is late 3 motnhs on the mtg, credit score bellow 500
ltv is 77 so I dont think a hard money lender would touch him, and still does not have a job.
the house is in a really good area, less than 10 minutes away from the beach
On US1 for those in south FL
balance on mtg 375000
value of the house is 485000
SFR 4bd 3 bth
I dont know what to do with this deal please help.
bank going to start the foreclosure process next month.

You have to get the numbers, i.e., see what he owes, payoff statement, from the lender. Have the owner sign an authorization to release form to get this info.

Get comps for the house.

Then figure out if it makes sense to buy the house using OPM or SS from the bank.

I’m a loan officer and I have seen hes credit report thats why i know the payoff, and also got a pencil done. that gives me about 100k
I really dont want to go out and take finacning so I can save on the closing cost. please help thanks.