Newbie from North Little Rock, AR

I am just getting started in Short Sales. Would like to know the
best way to really getting started?
Have realtors in place, also I am a Loan Officer, so does that
serve as a good advantage? I have already posted ads to look
for homeowners in distress, and also for investors to buy the
properties that I come across. Should I start with direct mail?

Any advice would be most APPRECIATED!!!

If you have access to the mls, use it and filter out the best foreclosure deals. Join your local reia, find out which vendor is handling foreclosure lists. Direct marketing is good, but you need to be repetitious. I am not familiar with laws in AR, how many days from notice of default to auction?

If as a loan officer you are able to have access to Notice of Defaults before they become public knowledge, then that is an advantage.