Newbie closes first S2 deal this week!

WOOHOO!! :shocked

I started learning about S2 investing in November and after some aggressive marketing in Dec/Jan, I closed my first S2 this week! I could not have done it without some one on one coaching though.

Deal details:
Loan balance $120k
Home FMV $150k
4BD/2BA in a great neighborhood
Great loan

Exit strategy - lease purchase

The deals are out there!

Onto my next deal I hope this next week!

You’re in Texas, you may want to read on Texas’s law regarding lease options… an RE lawyer might be able to explain it in details.

Way to go! As a fellow newbie, I am inspired. :bobble

Way to go!

You said you had some coaching. Did this come in the form of course you bought or did you just happen to know another investor? If a course, which one did you use or recommend?

Thanks Fadi. Yes I am aware of the disclosure and it was in written format telling the seller about the “due on sale clause” and they have a copy of the ppwk. I had some one on one coaching by a very reputable S2 person in Houston so I am comfortable we are ok.

Thanks marktheshark and jrb619!

It was thru one on one coaching by a local S2 investor. He offers some training if your interested - PM me.