Newbie Bird Dog

I would like to get started as a Bird Dog. Can anyone please give me some advice on how to get started?

Do you have a Local Real Estate Investment club in your city?

Go to our Yahoo Group in my sig. Lots of free resources for investors of any level. Also, start networking with others at foreclosure auctions, eviction court, anywhere other investors are bound to be such as REIA’s in your area, etc. Be sure to give out at least 5 business cards a day to anyone you meet from restaurant servers to placing them in bills you pay. Get your name out there and you’ll eventually start running into people who can give you guidance.

Check out this great post about this very topic from an REI Club Member…,31214.0.html

Think about what type of investing you are interested in (ie. foreclosures, rehabbing, etc.) before you start birddogging and find an investor that focuses on doing those types of deals. Join your local real estate investing group.

Basically you need to

  1. find investors that are looking for great deals on real estate
  2. find out what kind of homes they are looking for.
  3. find those types of homes.
  4. Tell your investors.
  5. Get paid when they close on them.

That is essentially it in a nutshell.