Newbie bird dog

Am a newbie and want to get started as a bird dog. I was wondering what is the best way to get started in this I have been told that finding code violation properties is a good way to go. Properties are abandoned and owners are eager to be rid of it. I have talked to code enforcement department and they said that they don’t have such list. Have talked to county and city. I live in Sacramento CA . Any information I get will be greatly appreciated. I do have a real estate license

Hi Monika, I’ve done several deals that the sellers were facing fines from code enforcement, in fact I have one going right now that will pay out $9,000 assignment fee, this particular deal I found but my competitor Alan found the buyer and we are splitting the fee.
Anyways, I also have tried to get a list of code violation addresses. The highly paid enforcement officers (That’s a Joke) have also told me they do not formulate a list and said they have many requests for one.
I’m over here in Fresno Calif. I get my code violation deals by chance from my bird dogs and letters to absentee owners.
It’s frustrating because this city has started to crack down on these abandoned houses, life wud be so much easier if only ther was a frikin list, of course the competition wud be all over it like a tweaker on a $20 bill.
I pay my bird dogs a flat fee of $2,000 Cash, you may want to instant message me.