Newbie attending first meeting next week

What should I do to avoid looking like a lost rookie, so that I can actually start to build a network or at least some valuable contacts? I have read and continue to read everything I can to educate myself, but this will be my first contact with people in the business. I am planning on birddogging the first half or so of this year and actually start investing thereafter.
A few goals for this meeting are as follows:
-I want to attack investors and learn their wants, so I bring them good deals and don’t waste their time or mine.
-I would like to find a mentor(s).
-Get a feel for how things work.
-NOT come off as a rookie lookie for a hand out.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

What’s wrong with looking like a rookie if you are a rookie? If you go out there and try to act like you know what you are doing it will probably be apparent that you don’t. No big deal, just be yourself and listen. Find out who the successful investors are (not the windbags) and talk with them. Let people know what you are trying to do and ask questions! My two cents, BE YOURSELF! Good luck!

Totally agree w/Jared.

There’s nothing wrong with being new (we all were at one point). One way to earn quick respect is to go every meeting, every month, all year long. Some REIA meetings tend to be like new gym memberships…crowded at the beginning of the year and not at the end of the year.

Attend as many meetings & trainings offered, get to know who the “players” are. Another win-win is that you may consider is volunteering to help out at your REIA.

Relax, Learn, Have Fun!

I just attended my first Landlord meeting this week. Everyone was great. They actually want to help you succeed instead of looking at you like the competition. I hear a lot of successful investors are like that. Make sure you tell that you’re new and need some guidance. Offer to take some out to lunch and pick their brain. Good luck.