Newbie 20yrs old fl

Hi everybody, I would like to start off by saying that I 've been reading on the forum for a while now and have learned alot thanks to you guy/gals.

Heres are my questions: I found my county website(miami-dade) that lists forclosures and sometimes

they list the address and sometimes there don’t. How can I find that address??? Also where can I find

the original loan date and amount?? Should I join a website that might offer this information? If so

which website is best? Thanks ahead of time! :wink:

Howdy Teing35:

Some property does not yet have an official address. Mostly vacant land. I bought a vacant lot once and it was on the corner and they gave my the choice of which street i wanted to face the house and the address I wanted. A lot of deals will say the address as 0 ABC Street for instance until someone builds a building on the property. To find the property you can use the plot plan.

The date and original are on the original document. Some counties have a lot of these on their web site as well. If not you can find at the courthouse.