Anyone in/near Houston?

Just looking to network a little. I haven’t had a chance to make it to any of the REI clubs in the Houston area, so I am improvising for the time being. If anyone is in/near the Houston area, please let me know.

I am a new investor and looking for general guidance. I may have a lot of questions, but hoping I can work out a mutually beneficial relationship with someone. Maybe I could do legwork in return for knowledge. I am in Austin TX, in order for me to make good on my offer, would like to find someone active in the Austin area.


If you’re in Austin and want to do the legwork for someone in Austin, why would you be looking for someone in Houston? I may have misread all this…but doesn’t make sense…

I thought the same thing. I am in Houston (I don’t need any leg work) but will answer questions. But when he switched form Houston to Austin I figured he was looking for someone else.

By the way, in Houston real estate it doesn’t take a lot of leg work.

Blue, you’re going to have to show me this “secret”…haha.

I do real estate because it doesn‘t take a lot of leg work. I just go to the mail box and collect checks.