newbee would like to meet wholesaler in los angeles

Hello Im a newbee in los angeles looking into getting into wholesaling I would like to meet and sit down with another wholesaler in the L.A. area that give me some honest answers to questions and guideance. I have been reading till my eyes are falling out and dont trust the all the guru’s hype and expensive programs.
thanks for the help…alan :shocked :help

Take a look at the listing of REI Groups in your area as you might be able to get to a meeting and network with some investors in your area.

Hopefully you can find someone to learn from!

There’s a link here on REI Club…

get a contract with an assignment clause.

go out find a property that you know has the good deal stamp - make sure your numbers are good.

put very little or no money down - see if the seller accepts.

get it to full contract.

find buyer to assign contract to.

OR - put ad in paper - yankee trader or penny saver -

Buying A Home?
Buy From Me At Great Prices.
All Inventory Under Market.
Call 555-5555

talk with people who call - get what they’re looking for in the range they are. have them fax pre approvals to you - put them on “waiting list”. get as many STRONG leads as possible.

assigning to fellow investors is tough - because they’re savvy and can walk. assigning to end users - that’s challanging too because alot can flake out on you.

at the end of the day - wholesaling successfully really means getting a freakin good deal in contract where YOU KNOW - 100 buyers are going to chomp at the bit at something you get. that’s good wholesaling - if the price is right - it’s easy money.