newbee research and study help

im brand new and would like your guys opinion on the best way lean the value of homes and study the market in my area.

all info is greatly appreciated

You can get a basic idea of what propertie are advertised at and actually selling for. You can go to and do a search fpr the location and asking prices for the type of property you want. They have a section where you can search for actual sales for the the area. is O.K too. At least that info is free. Nothing can replace contacting a real estate agent for experienced insight. When it comes to investment properties like rentals, you also need to search the local market rents in your location. Always keep in mind that a rental property is only as valuable as the income it produces. There are other factors to be aware of like location,economy, tenants etc. But it really boild down to the fact that the property has to make money after all expenses and debt has been paid.