newbee needs info about ebay auction sales

wow great site but my head is spinning
i’m looking on ebay at $3000.00+ 3plex, quit claim in cleveland and there is little to no info. as the new kid and living in the philippines could someone tell me the best way to do due diligence online?
i’m returning in may 09 to owner operate and rehab.
also i’m disabled and looking for any and all info on projects that might help. thanks and keep up the good works

well thats not what i wanted to hear
surely there are diabled people living in cleveland that need a place to live
i really am the one that needs a cheap place to live and was told there are incentives for owner occupied rentals
i’m not looking to turn a profit, just have a place to live and share it with others mainly for safety.
anyone know or can explain the pros and cons of quit claim deeds and how to research a property online?