newb questions about creating LLC

I want to form an LLC online, I live in FL is it nessesary or do i need to have a registered agent or can I get one later can?

And for tax reporting is it done every month or once a year?

I want to create an LLC, later restructure

While I don’t know about FL, in TX you can create one online. Costs $250.

You will have to have a registered agent and a location – the state needs a place to serve process for legal matters, so it has to be a real person and a real location (no po boxes). That can be you at your home address no problem.

You should be able to fill in the blanks without much trouble.

You will need a taxpayer ID number (IRS form SS4).

YOu will need this plus your articles of organization to open a checking account.

By default, a single member LLC will go on your personal tax return as a Schedule C. Be default a multi-member LLC will be taxed as a partnership. If this isn’t what you want, you will need to file a 2268 with IRS.

You will probably be subject to franchise (TX) or state income taxes. most states have some form of taxation on entities and this will usually involve an annual return.

the LLC will report income annually on your 1040 (personal - single member) 1120 (corporate - single or multi-member) or 1065 (partnership - multi member).

This concludes LLC 101. Let me know if you need help.

Mark Wagner, CPA

The primary benefit of using a registered agent is increased privacy.

Occasionally it can help from a taxation perspective but you must step lightly there because it is very easy for a registered agent arangement to be considered tax evasion if it is done wrong. It is an area the IRS pays a lot of attention to because there are so many people trying to abuse it.

If you want additional privacy and protection against lawsuit, go with a registered agent. If you do not care about that, it may not be worth the additional expense since a registered agent will often cost you a couple hundred dollars a year.

If you want to learn more about the asset protection aspects of LLCs, I have an article on my site here:

Hope this helps