Newb Looking for Advice

Hello All
I have read books taken classes and read rei club forums. Taken lots of notes and narrowed the vest field of real estates investment to one area rehabbing. I’m looking for a little help and advise. I’m looking to get into the business of rehabbing homes. The reason why i’m choosing this asspect of the investment field is my background. First i’m employed at a Home Warranty company as a claim adjustor. Its my job to negotiate with service contactors on heating air plumbing and electrical claims … even some roof and foundation claims. Also to enforce home warranty verbage depending on the warranty. Second reason that i want to enter the rehab feild is the company i’m employed.i buy all a/c units furances plumbing electrical supplies and appliances at wholesale cost. I know what all going prices for repairs for wholesale and retail for homes nationwide. Third which is the best reason i’m a HVACR tech by trade also EPA cert. I spent 5 years in the HVACR field. I have replaced and serviced my fair share of 1.5 ton to 20 ton units and base refrigeration. I spent most of the HVACR years in light commercial. Which is mostly restaurants. Walk in coolers walk in freezers ect. I was also employed for 2 years as maintenace tech for 300 unit apartments. Which i think give me an added edge in rehabbing. I can replace my a/c system plumbing and electrical systems within reason. Saving money on my rehab cost. I have all my own tools. i’m hoping to take advantage of my situation with my employment.I’m currectly looking for a mentor to guide me thru this new world of rehab investment.If u can offen any suggestions or which direction i should take to get me closer to my goal of rehab investor. It would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for the long post


Did you have specific questions? Are you going to rehab and hold or rehab and flip? I rehab and hold as rental property.

Sounds like you have a solid enough background to get started on the rehab part now! Where are you located? Let me guess…LA and you want to fix a condo in Palm Springs. (Ooooops…wrong show!)

Let me know if there is a specific question and I will try to help. If I can’t, someone in this forum certainly can!


LOL … I’m located in Ft lauderdale. I’m looking for mostly fo rehab and flip at the moment and hoping to expand into the rehab and rent once i have a full understanding. i’m not looking to jump in with both feet because of my lack of info in the real estate world. What i’m asking is how do i get started. Whats the best road to take. Do i try to find someone that is willing to show me the ropes or do i jump in feet first. Is my local rei club the best way to go.