I bought Eric Medemars course, and lookt it over, so my question is now
if i am ready to get started, or what sugestion would you guys have?

You have already started. What you should do is get a good idea of what your end point looks like. Once you have that start heading for it. If your end point is to own 6 houses. Your first step may be to flip 3 contracts so that you can make $6,000 and take that $6,000 and buy one house, take the proceeds from that 1 house to buy 2 more houses and proceeds from the 2 houses and buy 6 houses and you are there. The first step is to buy Eric’s course. As I said, you have already started.

Don’t be like the 6 year old kid playing his first tee ball game when he hits the ball and just stands there. Everybody is yelling RUN! RUN! RUN! He just never thought much beyond trying to hit the ball. You need to know where your next step is so that you will recognize it and run. BTW don’t be the kid that hits the ball and runs straight for third base either.

That’s right. Take some serious action. The more serious you are the more action you take. You will find that things get done in a smoother fashion this way. When you begin to see the fruits of you labor, that my friend will motivate you to push extra hard. At least for me it does.

Go and hustle until you cant hustle no more. Be wise what you spend your advertising dollar on. Make sure your risk is low and you are able to track where your calls are coming from.

Now go out there and make something happen. Don’t wait for us to give you a pat on the butt. Make them see you. If you fail, in most cases, you will on your first try (I know I did) Make sure you get back up. Go back in the game with guns blazing, and tweek your plan a bit. :guns


Where you saying something?