new wholesaler

I’m just beginning to get into wholesaling and want to create a list of investors. I live in eastern NC. Anyone have suggestions/names or the best place to look?

Your local Real Estate Investment Club

Yeah. Tried that but there are none. They are only in the larger parts of the state.

I am one step ahead of you and did the following. Found some home that investors would go by that i’m not buying and put a bunch of my flyers there, I also attended a couple auctions and passed out cards, then i asked all my friends for their landlords info and called them to see if they do it professionaly and i mailed a lot of small construction contractor kind of guys. FANTASTIC results on all of them. The easiest was the landlords and contractors. I have an ad in the paper coming out this weekend, sell single family homes at up to 50% off apraised value. We’ll see how that goes. Hope this helps.

#1 Check out this post I did… My HUD hound method works great,42913.0.html

#2 Check out this other post I did on finding buyers,22874.msg191026.html#msg191026

#3 Put the info you’ve gotten to work.

Eric Medemar

An old trick is to find a Realtor friend to do a search on homes sold in the last few months in your area with cash. Then contact those buyers, who are most likely investors and landlords.

The best way to finding these CASH buyers is online.

Go to craigslist : Tip CL , kijiji, and backpages are amazing tools to building your buyers list. People looking for investment properties hang out there all the time.