New Wholesaler in Los Angeles

What tips advice can you give a new wholesaler in Los Angeles County? The market is saturated expensive and very competitive? Direct mailing, driving for dollars, etc.? It can be very frustrating but I am not giving up. :help


You’ll have to be more competitive. Or you farm a less competitive area. Otherwise, there’s no alternative.

I wud give my left gonad away for a good solid partner in Los Angeles. Imagine a wholesaler that cud get down and dirty finding these older fixer houses and sellers in distressed situations.
Can you spell Profit?
What would you do?

Here is a list I highly suggest you do.

1 Get a website. I highly recommend Investor Carrot.
2 Do all the onpage and offpage SEO for long term traffic to your site.
3 As the site ages and start climbing the ranks (takes months and months) you want leads NOW.
Place craigslist ads to drive traffic to your site immediately. Again go to my blog to find free craigslist ads that are proven to work great.

Driving for dollars … don’t bother!
DM is a good start when you are new and you have no ranking site. Be sire to get a GOOD LIST. OMG get a good list.
DM is EXPENSIVE. Not just the list itself, but the mailing pieces you are going to send out also. It is a double whammy on your wallet.
We got lucky when we started and we made our first deal $14K within 3 months of starting. But with a list, and in a different market, depending what kind of list, wha marketing pieces you send and all other variables… you just NEVER know if it will work.

Therefore, do all the things that are free, like craigslist (and by all means create a youtube channel twitter account and facebook business page) and start populating these accounts with your presence.
And for Pete;s sake DO NOT DO Yellow Letters!!!