New website

What does everyone think of my website? Don’t be nice though just be real.

What site?

lmao wow im dumb… its

its not complete yet so just judge the layout please.

Seems like as good a start as any. My guess is that this is a template.

I’m not very keen on the top image taking up so much space, and I can’t see the relation between the image and what you’re offering. If you were selling timeshares at the beach (more of a lifestyle thing), then what you have might be better.

And whatever you do, make your phone number prominent. I also hope you’ll have a different email address than a account. Maybe most people don’t care, but it just seems less than professional to me.

Overall, though, it’s a nice design. In this business, I don’t think the Web site has all that much do with your success. You need one, for sure, but people who need you (really NEED you) won’t care how fancy the site is…they will just want to get in touch with you.

Well the picture is of Miami Beach where i do business. It is a template i just modified it. I havent atcually started doing deals so i dont have a phone line setup yet but it will be coming soon. Thanks for the suggestions

you need more copy…

1- unique selling proposition
3-reasons why they should do business with you
5-call to action

The site is missing a lot of things. Try looking at some existing websites and copy one of them. Remember, sellers don’t care about graphics. They are looking for credibility, and whats in it for them.

Try expanding from the traditional “sell your house fast” or “we buy houses fast” headline (everybody does this)…

Here’s a sub-headline/headline combo that might work for your business model:

[size=10pt]Do you NEED out of your mortgage and property but you’ve run out of time and/or money? If so, read on…[/size]

I’ll Sell Your House in 14 Days Or I’ll Buy It From You Personally on the 15th

This approach gives you options—you can try to wholesale it while you are lining up funding…

You need to grab the reader’s attention early and often—one of the fastest ways of losing it is to bore them with me too copy…


Scott Miller

Most of the folks who want cash for their homes will NOT identify with the super-custom home design you feature. Looks like you are selling architectural design services.

I would agree with other comments about not worrying too much about a web site attracting homeowners in a cash crunch… unless you coordinate your efforts with other online lead-generating activities and traditional promotions - (like the contractors use!).

Look at as an example.

Thanks for all the help.

There are a few common mistakes here. First sites with the large font size like you have are easily spotted as those done by non-web professionals.

If you go to any major company site, including this one, you will find the correct font size. You also have every piece of text on my site in BOLD. Use bolding to highlight and draw attention to key items, but not everything.

I agree that the image is a tad to large. I am also not a big fan of centering the site in the browser. You lose all that space to the left and right when people have wider monitors which are quickly becoming the norm.

Just my $.02.

This was a free web template that i modified and therefore alot of what you want me to change cannot be changed.

not bad, man! :anon :anon

Dump the template… you don’t need templates… Find a website you like, save it to your harddrive… change the content and phone numbers…etc. and upload it to your website.

You are local to your area, so chances of them finding out or even caring is slim to none.

  1. Do “We Buy Houses” search online.
  2. Identify a good one with content (try
  3. Copy the content, or save the whole damn page
  4. Modify contact specific informaiton to yours
  5. Upload it to your own website

As far as websites goes:

  1. has excellent cheap packages, but you need to FTP the files up and you need to have your own submit script or only opt to have them call you. They range from $3/month and up.

  2. is for $24/month, they have decent templates and allow you to create as many forms and pages as you like. Takes some getting used to, and not intuitive at first, but they offer 10 days trial, so you can create the website before you buy then decide.

  3. Pay college kid $10/hr to download the website you like and make it your own and upload it for you. Should not cost more than $100-$200

Thanks for the information but to me that is a waste of money at the moment. Why? Well for one im 18, just starting out and dont even have any business yet so to me the website i have now will suffice. I think when i start making a good amount of money i will just pay a web designer to make me a nice website but right now i need to save my money for thing that will get me the most leads. I am however going to change alot of the text and the big graphic i have on the page.

hey everyone i changed my banner tell me what you think.

Banner looks much better. One point though, change “Home” to “House”. When you buy, you buy houses. When you sell, you sell a home.

Ok, thanks for the pointer.