New Website, need some feedback


I just created this website a couple of days and need some feedback on it. All feedback is welcome good and bad.

Thanks in advance.

Where are you located? I ask for two reasons: you make no mention of where you buy houses, which could result in leads you may not be interested in pursuing because they are not in the target location; also, I don’t think your adwords campaign is targeted which could cost you in wasted clicks.

As for the site, its ok. I am not sure what features homestead has and what templates are available. I personally like wordpress because of the wide selection of plug-ins, and there is no shortage of real estate themes. Most of them require you to maintain a back link to the sponsors website…that’s how they build their page ranking. IN some cases, you can pay to have this link removed. has some good templates and I think they will let you remove the link for $20.

Looks ok but it needs a clear call to action, in this case if you want to produce leads then you must have a big section of the home page or landing page that asks for such info.

Jane’s on point regarding the call to action. You don’t want people to have to click a link to contact you/provide information. I suggest you go with a top navigation, move your main information to the left side, and on the right side of the page you introduce a section where the user can submit their info.

Getting your prospective clients attention instantly is a big part of a website. You should look into a specified graphic or picture that is original to your company. And I totally agree with the previous posts that you should put the space for clients to input their information closer to the top. Hope this helps good luck!

Cindy Wilson

This is a good starter website. It has a clear message as soon as the client gets to the page. The only issue that I see is that the website appears fairly bland and boring. I do like how you have your area for client information at the top of your page because that is key people don’t want to look around your site. Hope this input helps!

JR Mcgee


The form at the top of the page takes away from the rest of the content of the page… your first page should not be text-heavy, but contain a clear message… Instead of the form on the first page, have a headline that sums up your service that you buy houses. Something like - “Need to sell your house fast?” in brackets underneath (you’ve come to the right place, click here to find out how we can help you).

When they click through, have a SHORT page describing what you do and provide the form as ONE of the ways they can contact you… on EVERY page, include your phone, email, and address

I would get rid of - “Contact us now for a FREE, no obligation, CONFIDENTIAL consultation on how we can buy your house!”

It comes across as a sales pitch, because it is and is used by salespeople all the time… The message “we can buy your house” indicates benefits to you… the rest of the message is pretty-much assumed by most people - you want to focus on what you are doing for THEM, and then get them to take action…

Good luck…

Thank you for all the feedback so far. I’ve been making the changes to the site as everyone has suggested. But I have limited access here at work so I will have to play with more when I get home. Thanks again!! I really appreciate it!!

I applaud you for getting started. Most “investors” never make it as far as you have.

So as not to overwhelm you, just a few tips.

  1. Use the center of your screen
  2. Don’t use buttons, use large text links.
  3. Put a map of Texas on there with your counties / cities outlined.

For an informational website I would say your site gets the job done. The only issue I see in the website is that it is kind of lacking and boring on the eyes of its viewers. I realize the site is for a business model and it is a great tool that you have client fill out forms on the first page. Perhaps you could create a graphic design or logo that represents you and can be the main picture on your website. Good luck

J Rubijevsky

Seems to be a fairly basic website but that isn’t such a bad thing. The fact that you have areas for clients to input information is a huge beneficial tool. The navigation of your site is a little shaky and got a little stuck when I was clicking between links. One key point you could try is seeing if your website works in multiple types of browsers to ensure customers all across the web can view it.

Karen Whitman