New to Wholseale

Is there any software that will generate a investment proposal to present to buyers?

Must contain:
Property Profile
title History
Picture of property…or be able to load a picture
Financial Analysis
ROI calculation

if there is, it isnt going to be worth it. learn to do it the old fashioned way. i can tell you that a good buyer wont care about any of that stuff you requested other than price, condition and address. ROI they already know and don’t need to be sold on. title history is probably not a concern because they will buy with title insurance anyway. you might as well just get a prelim title search done to make sure liens dont blow the deal up. picture helps sometime but only of the damage and repairs on the house. financial analysis is a waste. comps are only for your info and i would never let a computer figure that out.

I have an excel spreadsheet I made, that adds up all the costs and profits for rental cashflow per year, buy and hold sell later with current appreciation from 1 to 5 years, wholesale, and flip. It takes a little while to make something like this, I think it took me a couple of days but it is well worth it. Next I just go to the city office and do my own title search which is very easy, photocopy everything twice( one for me and one for my investor) put it all with the contract in a nice neat little folder and hand it to my buyer. As for a program that does all those things for you automatically? I have never seen anything like that. The hard part would probably be getting the title search

This should do it for you

Thanks for the post shinauldc.

Title companies offer this as a service to real estate agents. They can put together a whole report including:

Property Profile
Neighborhood and Demographic Information
Utility Information
Title History
Pictures Of Property
Local Employment Information
Comparable Sales Data

You can use the Financial Analysis and ROI stuff you do from your own deal analysis spreadsheet as part of the 3 ring binder.

Hope that helps. Please let me know if you find something that does it all together.