New to wholeselling

I am new to the wholeselling business, an i’m trying to find out how i can obtain real estate contracts and assignment contracts. Where can i go and who can i contact ? I called NJ board of realtors but they claimed i have to be a member. I checked with office depot, office max to know avail. Can someone help me ? :smile

Have you tried any of the following courses?

Tim Mai
Mike Collins
Preston Ely

They will set you up with everything you need.


I am also a new Investor. I have started calling fsbo and working with a realtors. After being rejected a couple of times. My fears went out the window now my desire to succeed has increase.What else should I do to get started Whole selling.



You can pick up some good used real estate wholesaling courses on ebay for dirt cheap, they will typically include a purchase contract.

That’s true. Taking an actual course will usually run you around $1000, or if you’re on a shoestring budget you can go the ebay route.

In any event, you need to start thinking about marketing. Start getting the deals lined up while you’re getting your paperwork together.