New to Wholesaling

I’m very eager to get started in wholesaling properties, but I’m still confused about a few things. 1) Do I have to hire an attorney for the contracts I need or is there another reliable source?
2) In terms of the inspection, I can tell if a house needs a new paint job, but I don’t know anything about roof replacing or electrical problems, would I need to get a professional inspector for an estimate or is there another way?
I know about advertising to find buyers and sellers, but if someone could give me some advice about the step by step process, in detail, from start to finish, it would clear up some of my confusion, thanks!


You’re asking for a real estate course. You would probably be wise to start out as a bird dog for an investor and learn from him until you can do it on your own. He should be able to teach you what to look for, how to price and much more. In the mean time go to my RE estate blog where you’ll find a lot of information on all things real estate that might help you. The link to the blog is below in the signature.

Good luck,

I agree with Donrock start off as a birddog join your local REI club tons of help and info. Check out this link to Learn more about Wholesaling, go to,24.html

also type in wholesaling in the search tab on this site for more info