New to wholesaling

Hey everyone. First off, I’d like to thank everyone for all of the knowledge they have made so easily available for me to find here. (Esp Randoskie, I’ve been reading your posts since I found this forum).

I’ve been looking to switch careers for a few months now (right now I cook, and that doesn’t pay near as much as I’d like to be making), and I saw someone I used to hang around started wholesaling and he suggested I looked it up… I’m now hooked and 100% sure this is the way I’ll stop having to punch a clock everyday working for someone else.

I plan on starting a direct mail campaign, and have checked placed like listsource to price lists on absentee owners. I will also be checking my county website to see if I can find them thru public records.

I’ve also been looking for real estate meetings, ect in my local area where I would maybe be able to find cash buyers once I can actually get my first house under contract.

Only thing I’m really wondering, is how many leads should I start with on my direct mail campaign? Also, how would I go about finding the absentee owners on the county tax site? I’ve looked but I havent really seen an option that can lead me to the absentee owners. Of course, with me first starting out, I need to make my marketing as cheap (low budget) as possible.

I’m kinda putting myself on a 3 month time frame to be DONE clocking in and be wholesaling full time… Might be a stretch, but I feel like if I work hard enough I’ll be making more from houses than I do off my paychecks by then.

Again, thanks for the help everyone. Great forum here :slight_smile:


One last thing I forgot… The contract… Does anyone have a basic one (not necessarily the one they use) that I can use to get a basic idea of everything that I need to be including in the contract to buy the house and the assignment?


I am Rando's assistant, Mr. Rando said to tell you that the sales and purchase agreement is a separate contract agreement from the assignment agreement.

I will try to dig up a purchase contract and a assignment agreement to send you! Please PM your email address!

Mr. Rando said “It’s good to be me”!


Pm sent. Again, thank you for your help.

I furnish both contracts you need in my new book “Big Buks Junk Houses”" on Kindle. It’s only $2.99

I was wondering how much you invest in generating leads. I have a system that I use that costs me almost nothing to invest, yet I get the best leads of motivated sellers in my area. If you would like, I could show you. Just send me a PM
Maybe you could teach me a thing or two as well.
Look forward to hearing from you