New to Wholesaling

What was the biggest obstacle for you all when you first started out wholesaling?

Haha, now you got me thinking… Maybe it was the fear factor. How could a low life broke ex construction worker expect to do Real Estate.
I wasn’t worthy. As Dana Carvey and Mike Meyers used to say.
I was so freaking nervous the first few times I met with homeowners, I learned to take bottled water with me because of extreme dry mouth.
Some of my buyers are Millionaires and I’m still intimidated by them, but they wear jeans and T-shirts, Sometimes I forget how much money they have when we start laughing and joking around.
If you can get over the fear, you can do it.

Thanks for your response. I’m pretty sure I’ll be nervous at first, but as soon as I get my first check I’ll get over that. Haha
Time to Get busy

For me the hardest part was money and when I first started talking to sellers. There is lots of free training online that will help and live seller calls that can help learn what other people are saying.

Thanks for your response. I’ve been doing a lot of research and found a few trainings and scripts. Are there any online trainings and live calls that you can recommend for me?

I would have to say the biggest obstacle was “just getting started” don’t spend so much time waiting for the perfect day or opportunity, or situation, do something! Get your Investor buyers lined up, that makes things a whole lot less complicated. Then market, market, market.

Thanks for your advice. I was pushing it off and pushing it off and one day I decided to just do it. So I started to put things in motion. I’m excited that I started and I am extremely focused. Thanks again

my biggest obstacle was finding good leads, but once I started doing online marketing that changed pretty quickly

Tell us exactly how your get these leads online.

Thanks for responding. Any advice on how I can find good leads?