New to wholesaling?

When u put a house under contact with a seller should u use a inspection period ? Do wholesalers use inspection period to exit the deal if they can’t find a buyer? Do the wholesaler really hired an inspector to look at the property and if that do;how much does it cost for a inspector?

Yes you can use the inspection period to back out of a deal if you fail to find a buyer and even get a refund of your deposit at the signing of the contract.
You can can get an approximate cost for renovations needed to get the home to market condition. This will help you set the price at which to resell the home.

Yes you can use an inspection period and back out of the deal. In my honest opinion I don’t think it would look good if you used the inspection as the reason to back out. Wholesalers are typically investors who buy properties at a discount. The reasons these properties are being sold at a discount is because they are distressed, which means they need repairs in most cases. The seller is liquidating the property at a discount because the condition of the property is not habitable. So if you back out of the deal because of inspections then you probably wouldn’t look to good in the sellers eyes. Wholesalers never hire home inspectors to come out because generally they are not hanging on to the property. The wholesaler end buyer can get the inspection done if he wants to be sure, because he is the one holding for long term or a rehab & flip. I hope this helps! You can do it! Go for it!