New to wholesaling?

I will greatly appreciate anyone who can help me with something! How do u find contact information on finding landlords, out of state owners, owners of vacant properties and people with delinquent taxes, bankruptcy! What are the most effective ways to marketing to them?

You can pull non-occupied owners via your courthouse or a list broker. When I started out I went to the IT department of the county and had them pull the data I want and they sent it to me in Excel.

For a list broker I have used MelissaData for non-occupied owners and was happy with the data.

Your county records is the best place to find this information. The equalization department can show you how to find out-of-state property owners and land contract owners (tax bill address is different from physical address). The treasury/tax department will have a list of delinquent taxpayers.

You can also watch your local newspaper as they will list foreclosures, sheriff sales and delinquent taxpayers. As to finding owners of vacant properties and rentals, you should first drive around and make a list of the properties that interest you and then go back to the county records and look up the information.

The best way to contact them is going to be via letter rather than phone.

What type of a letter do you use to mail out to the home owners?

Here is a sample letter that has worked for some:

Dear (Owner’s Name):

I was driving around in your area and noticed your house and was wondering if you might be interested in discussing selling your house. One of the areas I work in is buying houses that need some repair and rehabbing the property to improve its appearance and value.

I am local real estate investor that buys properties in (name your area) area. I am able to buy properties quickly for cash and usually can close within 30 days or less.

The typical process is a preliminary discussion over the phone to obtain some basic information. If that conversation is mutually agreeable then we can arrange for me to come by and take a look at your home to get a better understanding of its condition and what repairs may be needed. Then, we can work toward a fair selling price for your home.

If you are interested you can either provide me with a phone number where you can be reached or if you prefer you can call me at (your phone number) or via email at (your email address)


(Your Name)

You can find the owners of vacant properties by searching the county assessor office for which the vacant property is located. For bankruptcies you can do a search in Pacer which is a government-owned website for bankruptcies that have recently been dismissed, these are usually motivated sellers.

Usually letters like that don’t work in the real world, may try to maitomany letters like that to potential sellers 80% you will be turned down.

You can locate landlords and homeowners through your local property appraisers website. Once you have found the owner send a hand written letter expressing your desire to purchase the home. You can also use to try and contact owner by phone. I always like to try and contact through phone because its instant gratification. To your success from “Mrflippahouse”

Doing this in a house per house basis will only frustrate you… I suggest you use a list broker and do it massively… This will get you better results.

Google absentee owner lists and you’ll find a wealth of lists brokers.

The key is to get a good, reliable, up to date list. I suppose i have a source i use, but i can’t put any websites on the thread itself…

You can buy mailing lists from online data companies and do direct mail as this works for some of my friends. You can use skip tracers to look up the information. You can do address look ups and do door knocking locally.